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50g Mango

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The Mango a strong variety in CBD!

This species is predominantly Sativa,with a ratio of 80% Sativa and 20% Indica.

Known for producing flowers with a high CBD content, it is characterized by a powerful smell that marks the spirits.

The delicious flowers of Mango are expressed by spicy and slightly sweet notes that remind us of the aromas of mango of course, but alsopineapple.

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The cultivation of this plant is done at the foot of the Alps, in the Region of Piedmont and close to the Aosta Valley.

The farm grows this legal marijuana variety to the nearest mountain thanks to its resistance to cold.

Production begins in a greenhouse using artificial light in the initial phase of this plant's life. Mango flowers have a medium size.

They are the result of several years of study and selection.

The Mango is a classic of the "Haze" family.

This variety is the result of the crossbreeding of three species: the Skunk,the Haze,and the Northern Light.

This cross gives birth to a fruity variety with potentially relaxing effects.

Culture mode

Mango is grown in INDOOR,that is, it is grown in shelter, in indoor growing chambers.
This method of cultivation allows to control many factors: duration of exposure to light, humidity, insects...
Indoor culture and a minimum of one month's curing allow you to obtain flowers of a premium quality.
The soil and fertilizers used are organic to maintain an authentic flavour.


The Mango is expressed by spicy and sweet notes that remind us of the aromas of mango of course, but alsoof pineapple.

Consumption mode

Our flowers can be eaten in several ways:

  • In vaporization: more than 170 degrees.
  • Infusion: leave to infuse for 10 minutes with a fat body (oil, soy milk).
  • In the kitchen: to be incorporated into your best recipes.


All of our flowers have a THC level of less than 0.2% and are therefore legal throughout Europe.
We obviously test all our flowers in the laboratory to ensure this compliance.


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